World Brain Tumor Day

“Life is not a bed of roses for anybody. Never give up fighting.” A brain tumour is a mass growth of abnormal brain cells. There are various types of brain tumours. Some are noncancerous,

World Environment Day

“Nature nourishes us at every turn like a mother. So the responsibility to protect her is ours.” Every year on June 5, the entire world celebrates World Environment Day. It is one of the

International Nurses Day

International Nurses Day is celebrated on 12th May every year. It is celebrated around the world to pay respect to all the nurses for their work and dedication. It is the birth anniversary of

International Dance Day

International Dance day is celebrated on 29th April every year. The day promotes art and culture, to raise public awareness about the “Art of Dance”. It also spread education about several forms of dance

World Malaria Day

It is celebrated on 25th April every year. This day is celebrated to highlight the importance of focusing on malaria in order to control it. By maintain hygiene and keep our surroundings clean, we