Raksha Bandhan- A Knot of Protection

They fight, but they care because they love each other. She prays for his well being, and he promises to protect her in any situation that arises. The bond between siblings is a symbol

World Calligraphy Day

“Calligraphy is a type of art that allows you to express yourself by bringing your thoughts on paper so that others can see them.” Calligraphy refers to beautiful writing. It is a type of

Friendship Day- Unconditional Bond of Love

Friendship is one of the most powerful bonds that anyone can have. Those who have true friends are blessed. Friendship is a committed relationship shared by two people. They both love and care for

जय हिंद

ना पूछो जमाने से, क्या हमारी कहानी है। हमारी पहचान तो बस इतनी है कि हम हिंदुस्तानी हैं।

Nag Panchami

Nag Panchami is a traditional Hindu festival associated with snake worship. The festival gets its name from a combination of two words: nag, which means cobra/serpent, and panchami means the fifth day of bright

World Lung Cancer Day

On August 1st, World Lung Cancer Day is observed to raise awareness about the causes and treatment of lung cancer, as well as to highlight the issues that a lack of adequate research funding