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Savitribai Phule

Savitribai Phule was an Indian social reformer, educator, and poet who played a pivotal role in the empowerment of women and marginalized communities during the 19th century. She was born on January 3, 1831, in Naigaon, Maharashtra, India, and died on March 10, 1897.

Savitribai Phule, along with her husband Jyotirao Phule, worked tirelessly to challenge social norms and advocate for the rights of women, particularly in the sphere of education. They recognized the importance of education as a tool for social reform and empowerment, and they opened the first school for girls in Pune in 1848. This was a revolutionary step at a time when educating girls was not widely accepted in Indian society.

Savitribai Phule : (3 January 1831-10 March 1897)

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