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Every living organism relies on nature for survival. We understand that we must use everything in moderation. Overuse of anything will always result in disaster. The same is true for nature. If we keep nature healthy, we will have healthy outcomes; however, if we pollute and overuse natural resources, we will have to suffer in the future. Many days are observed around the world to highlight the importance of nature. One of them is World Nature Conservation Day.

The 28th of July is observed globally as World Nature Conservation Day. This day emphasises the value of nature and its preservation. This day also sheds light on endangered plant and animal species.

Many conservation organisations host events on this day. It is essential to keep the world healthy by keeping nature healthy. For environmentalists, this day is especially significant. It also promotes the preservation of nature and its resources for future generations. On this day, many people make environmental pledges. This day encourages people to conserve nature in order to live a happy life.

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