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World Lung Cancer Day Wishes

On August 1st, World Lung Cancer Day is observed to raise awareness about the causes and treatment of lung cancer, as well as to highlight the issues that a lack of adequate research funding can cause.

It is extremely crucial that people remain informed about the advantages of early diagnosis and treatment. Some common symptoms of the disease include continuous cough, blood in cough, breathlessness, pain in the back, shoulder, and chest that worsens on coughing, and weight loss. Moreover, despite a lack of funding for lung cancer research, there have been significant advances in treatment and awareness of this type of cancer.

The main goal of the day is to raise awareness about the habits and factors that can lead to lung cancer. Many people who volunteer with various NGOs and other organisations also try to educate people on how to spot early signs of the disease and receive timely treatment. As prompt treatment always saves lives.

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