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World Health Day

World Health Day Wishes

World Health Day :- 7 April World Health Day is observed on April 7th every year to raise awareness about health issues and promote healthy living around the globe. It is an initiative of

World Obesity Day

World Obesity Day Wishes

World Obesity Day :  4 March World Obesity Day is an annual event observed on March 4th to raise awareness about the global obesity epidemic and promote actions to prevent and manage obesity. This

World Pulses Day

World Pulses Day Wishes

World Pulses Day – 10 February 1. “Celebrating #WorldPulsesDay! Pulses are a powerhouse of nutrition and a sustainable food source. Let’s recognize their importance in promoting health and well-being. 🌱🌾 #PulsesForHealth #SustainableEating” 2. “On

World Heart Day wishes

World Heart Day wishes

World Heart Day – 29 September 1. ❤️ This World Heart Day, let’s commit to a heart-healthy lifestyle and take care of the engine that keeps us going strong. 🏃‍♂️🥗 #WorldHeartDay #HealthyHeart 2. 💓