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Tulsi Vivah

Tulsi Vivah

  Tulsi Vivah is a sacred Hindu ceremony that marks the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi (holy basil) plant to Lord Vishnu. Typically celebrated on the 11th or 12th day of the Kartik month

Tulsi Vivah

Tulsi Vivah Wishes

Tulsi Vivah – 23 November 1. “Wishing everyone a blessed Tulsi Vivah! 🌿✨ May the sacred union of Tulsi and Lord Vishnu bring prosperity, happiness, and divine blessings into your homes. #TulsiVivah #DivineUnion” 2.

Govardhan Puja

Govardhan Puja Wishes

Govardhan Puja – 13 November 1. On Govardhan Puja, let’s emulate the spirit of Lord Krishna by lifting the Govardhan Hill of responsibilities with joy and devotion. 2. May the divine blessings of Govardhan


Navratri Wishes

Kalash Sthapna – 15 October 1. 🌺 May the divine energy of Maa Durga fill your home with joy, prosperity, and positivity. Happy Kalash Sthapna! 🕉️✨ #KalashSthapna #NavratriBlessings 2. 🕊️ On this auspicious occasion