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Shivaram Hari Rajguru was born on 24th August, 1906 in Khed, Pune district, India, to a middle-class Hindu Brahmin family. He was a Deshastha Brahmin. He was also known as Raghunath. He came to Varanasi at a young age to learn Sanskrit and read Hindu religious scriptures. He spent most of his time in Kashi reading at the Lokmanya Tilak Library. From his childhood, he was eager to participate in the freedom struggle.

He was a great Indian freedom fighter and revolutionary who gave his life for India’s independence.

He became a martyr for his country at the age of 23 on 23rd March, 1931 at Lahore jail . The idea of fighting against British atrocities had been instilled in him since childhood. He is best known for his association with two great revolutionaries, Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev.

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