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The joyous Navaratri festival is a way to cheerfully worship Goddess Durga. With sheer delight and zeal, the festival is observed across the nation. “Nav” stands for nine, and “Ratri” is night. The reason for the festival’s name is that nine nights of celebrations are involved.

One of the most important rituals performed during Navaratri is the Kalash Sthapana or Ghatasthapana. It starts the nine-day festive celebration.

In many parts of India, worshippers observe a nine-day fast while honouring all the incarnations of Goddess Durga. Massive statues of the goddess are constructed by people, and processions are held. In lot of places public fairs are conducted.

This festival is very important. In many places, Ramayana is performed to represent the conflict between Ram and Ravana, while in others, Goddess Durga is revered for having killed Mahishasur. However, the fact remains that this festival is observed with zeal and enthusiasm.

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