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“Drinking water is essential to a healthy lifestyle.”
– Stephen Curry

Summer is finally here. Sweat will begin to flow as the temperature rises. It is critical to replenish the fluids lost through sweating. Water is one such fluid which is essential for survival and plays an important role in metabolism, cell function, and digestion regulation. Our cells and bodies cannot function properly unless we drink enough water! Staying hydrated can help you maintain everything from luminous, glowing skin to healthy joints and organs. Drinking plenty of water also aids in weight loss.

Every year on June 23rd, the United States of America and the rest of the world celebrate National Hydration Day. This special day emphasises the importance of hydration for everyone.

National Hydration Day reminds us to pause and reflect on how important staying hydrated is for our health, and it encourages us to make healthier choices and get into the habit of drinking more water. If you make the effort to begin drinking more water today, you will immediately notice the benefits of being hydrated: you will have more energy, you will feel better and more focused, and your skin will look better.

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