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Holi, the festival of colours, marks the beginning of goodness, prosperity and positivity every year with spring. According to Hindu beliefs and legends, the festival of colours in different parts of India have different meanings. Some parts believe that Holi is meant to cherish the love between Radha and Krishna while others take this opportunity to rejoice in defeating the evils within and around us. For many others, Holi is a time of pure love, forgiveness and contentment.

The festival spans two days beginning with “Holika Dahan” – the full moon night where rituals and offerings are performed near a bonfire to destroy the inner and outer evil that dwells in this world. This is followed by Rangwali Holi where people across the country indulge in the celebrations of colours. Holi offers a chance to forgive, mend broken bonds, and love again through sharing of food, sweets, colours, hugs and smiles. Friends and relatives visit each other on this auspicious day to seek blessings and spread joy.

While different parts of the country find different ways to increase the excitement of Holi, irresponsibility and the use of artificial colors and intoxicants only spoil the spirit of the festival, which was meant to spread happiness and smiles. Which is why play a safe Holi by being responsible towards yourself and others around you.