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Hariyali Teej Wishes

Teej is one those festivals that has 3 types such as Hariyali Teej, Kajari Teej and Hartalika Teej, but we will be mainly focusing on Hartalika Teej. This year it will be celebrated on 30th August. According to the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated on the third day (Tritiya) of Shukla Paksha in the month of Bhadrapada (diminishing phase of the moon).

On this day, it is believed that Lord Shiva accepted Parvati as his wife after her 108 reincarnations. The festival is celebrated with great zeal and devotion to mark the occasion of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati’s marriage.

Women observe a fast during this festival in order to have a peaceful and happy married life. They also pray for their husband’s and family members happiness.they get up early and dress in new clothes and jewellery. They prepare a variety of dishes such as kheer, thekua, and many others. They organise pooja and recite Teej katha.

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