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Giridih's Santosh Mahli

From Fuljori to the World: Beat of Life Entertainment features Giridih’s Santosh Mahli


The Beat of Life Entertainment always aims to bring forward the best talents. It’s time to meet an incredible artist. In the district of Giridih, Jharkhand, lives a young man blessed with an extraordinary talent for creating bamboo art that leaves everyone awestruck. Santosh Mahli, a resident of Fuljori village is a global sensation for creating masterpieces with bamboo, at the young age of 25. Mahli’s skills and innovation have captivated the world. 

Art is something which instantly connects to your soul, like you have been waiting for this forever. Beat of Life Entertainment believes that  the art resides in each individual and is waiting to be discovered and cherished. Santosh Mahli’s story is an inspiration for how he unveiled his inner talent and pursued it to become the Bamboo Maestro. 


Redefining Art with Beat of Life Entertainment 

With innovation in mind and magic in hand, Santosh can create anything with bamboo. The never-ending list of what he has constructed to date certainly defies conventional beliefs. Beat Of Life Entertainment discovered that Santosh’s bamboo scriptures like Radha-Krishna, Bharat Maa and Lord Ganesha are proof of his boundless imagination. 

Living in a serene village far from the hustles of the city Giridih, his art has managed to break the geographical boundaries and Beat of Life Entertainment helped him to reach every corner of the nation. Santosh receives orders from big and distant cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata and is a sensation for creating spectacular pieces from bamboo. 


A self-taught creator

Amidst the plethora of artists, what sets Santosh apart from the rest is that he is entirely self-taught. He has been displaying his craft for five years now. Santosh’s dedication, passion, and innate creativity have allowed him to carve intricate and breathtaking pieces, reflecting his deep-rooted connection with the medium of bamboo.

As his art continues to spread, he has become an inspiration for many across the nation. While he has a god-gifted talent, his hard work and dedication cannot be ignored. From fans, temples, lamps, bottles, chairs, tables, flowers and fountains to even Bluetooth speakers, there is nothing that Santosh has not created using bamboo. 


Nothing is Impossible

Santosh states that nothing is impossible when it comes to bamboo. He has an unwavering belief in his craft and his creations. Mahli shows the essence of sustainability in his work and through Beat of Life Entertainment he found a platform representing the power of bamboo and what it stands for. 


Inspiring the World with the Beat of Life Entertainment 

Santosh Mahli’s story is an enchanting journey of a young artist who has taken the world by storm with his bamboo masterpieces, leaving a lasting impact on hearts worldwide. Through his extraordinary artistry, he weaves together art and eco-consciousness, inspiring others to embrace alternative mediums for a greener future.


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