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Mansi Gulati is a International Certified Yoga Trainer. Her early education was in Delhi and also holds a BA degree from the Delhi University. A serious interest in yoga developed upon completion of graduation studies. She devoted her efforts to learning everything possible about yoga practices and philosophy from as many learning sources she could find. She has over 6 years of experience in yoga. She has many international and national certifications to her credit She has written several articles and will soon be publishing a book of her on yoga and its intricacies. The basis of her teaching philosophy is that yoga can benefit all body types through series of asanas.

FACE YOGA -Achieves this by performing facial muscle exercising. Many celebrities all over the world have been involved with face yoga and prefer face yoga over artificial make up. Facial toning may not only be beneficial as a means of remaining looking youthful from the additional oxygen and nutrients supplied by the blood reaching the facial tissues but may also positively affect the functions of the sensory organs, (the eye, ears; nose and tongue) Here are some important reasons to try facial yoga.

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