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Omnia Hospital has been built upon a fundamental idea of providing people with high-quality care and the recovery resources they need to lead full and rewarding lives. We work with people who have a variety of diagnoses and treatment needs related to cardiac and pulmonary conditions, Diabetes, COVID-19, Cancer etc.

Our aim is a basic principle: physical medicine and rehabilitation shouldn’t focus solely on illness or disability; they should involve the whole person—emotionally, psychologically, and socially.We are dedicated to advancing health by providing expanded access to care with an unmatched focus on quality, safety and exceptional services. HealthCare professionals including physicians, surgeons, dietitians, physiotherapists, counseling psychologists, paramedics and nurses have joined hands with one another for this unique initiative of ours, and the role of teamwork in caring for the acutely ill or recuperating individuals cannot be underestimated. The patients, their caretakers, family members and friends have to be in close contact and in agreement with the doctors and allied staff to achieve the best results.


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