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“They are pillars of your life, it’s time to support them.”

We say that age is just a number, but don’t you think that with age comes experience, and with that experience comes knowledge? Our Senior Citizens are those pillars of strength who remain with us throughout their lives, and we, as a younger generation, overlook their significance in their lives.

Every year on August 21st, the world celebrates World Senior Citizen’s Day, which is devoted to senior citizens. Ronald Reagan, former President of the United States of America, officially established World Senior Citizen’s Day on August 19, 1988, after signing the Proclamation.

The day is dedicated to raise awareness about issues affecting older adults. On this day, we must recognise senior citizens for their dedication, accomplishments, and services provided by them  throughout their lives.

Senior citizens are like old trees that may not appear to be flourishing but still stand tall despite everything that happens; similarly, our elders are pillars who remain in our lives to provide us with their experience and knowledge. They are with us through thick and thin, so it is our responsibility to never take them for granted and to keep them happy.

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