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Kasturba Gandhi was born on April 11, 1869. Her earlier name was Kastur Kapadia. She was married to Mahatma Gandhi in 1883.
She was a simple and affectionate person.

She was completely occupied with promoting the cause of Indian liberty, which she considered her husband’s life’s work. She was like a mother figure for all the Ashramites. She was an active participant in every step Gandhiji took, with total dedication.

She was a great source of inspiration for Indian women in her time. Gandhiji’s call for participation in the freedom movement inspired many women of great integrity across the country. In post-independence India, it is the result of all these efforts that women participate in and serve all areas of life and administration. Kasturba Gandhi died on 22nd, February 1944. But, still she will be remembered as a great woman of her time.