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Dussehra is one of the significant festivals of the Hindu religion. It carries a message of ‘Victory of good over evil’. Whether it was Goddess Durga or Lord Rama. All of them played their part to demolish demons from our planet. This year it will be celebrated on 5th October.

On this day, relatives get together, exchange gifts, and spend the day while making and distributing sweets. The children are the ones who are most thrilled because they are dressed in lovely and new clothes, they get to see their cousins and friends, they get to see the Ramleela, where entire story of Ramayana is enacted and figure of Ravana is burnt, and they are also taken to fairs where they buy toys and enjoy delicious food. Due of their busy schedules, adults also look forward to Dussehra because it gives them a chance to unwind and spend time with their families.

This festival is a symbol of wisdom, courage, and peace. It is a happy morning over the dark night. Which is why it is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm.